Zero Emission Hybrid Integration Institute COLLECTION SERIES … a rebirth spearheading our imagination; interpretation and flow of the metal, technology and ideas to the nature … Dream Dancer can be interpreted in the way that the superyacht series belong to the nature. With the entirely renewed nose and aft design, the Kamewa jet-driven propulsion system that was hybridized by 2 high efficiency 200 kWh electric motors assures a silent and flawless sail. It is equipped with telescopic foldable solar charging panels that are hidden under the hull and roolbar. And this area has the characteristics of being a first with its 72 m2 width. The lithium-ion battery groups are consistently fed by 13 kwh. The elegant design of ‘Dream Dancer’ which was manufactured wholly in aluminum was created by Turhan Soyaslan and Zero Emission Team. The sea balconies that are placed on both sides offer a more spacious sight and usage area. ‘Dream 124’ with foldable balconies at both sides of the main cabin offers a unique usage of cabin and represents a sporty looking superyacht in design