Dream Dancer

The full-length foldable balcony areas that are located on both sides of the master cabin offer a gorgeous view and open usage area.
Likewise, with foldable balcony areas on both sides of the quarter deck the life embraces the sea.
With the swimming platform leading you down on both sides and the flybridge that can be used for full-length,
it moves the usage of open area ahead of its class.


Dream Dancer is driven by two Rolls Royce Kamewa water jets and they are occupied with two parallel positioned 200 Kwa high
fidelity electric engines that are attached to twindisc transfercases. All this system is driven by the power management unit
of Zero Emission Institute. This system inverting the continuous current coming from the solar panels, feeds the high capacity
lithium cobalt battery rack and drives the electric motor in accordance with utilization status.



Along the same line, communicating with the transfercase, in case of need, it provides an economy that is compatible
with diesel drive and diesel generator. The high efficiency Fischer Panda 60i generator that is wholly insulated and
positioned in a gyroscopic cabin on the hull is under the power management system’s control.


The Kamewa jets provide the boat with a stable sail and the minimum ground approach distance.
With the reason that it eliminates the need for a rudder and pot, it offers a smooth hull design.
Dream 124 which has less need for fuel tank volume in comparison with traditional yachts,
have offered these areas to the usage of its owner.


The telescopic foldable solar panels that are hidden under the roll bar and the panels that are located at the back of
the flybridge and working again in the same way continuously produce electric energy from the sun.
The other solar panels that are embedded on the nose are designed in a way to support the form of the vessel.
The power management system of Zero Emission Institute also controls the thrusters that are located on the nose and aft,
and if required it can entrust them with keeping the vessel fixed on the same point on
GPS or entrust the solar panels with tracking the sun.



This system achieves high fuel efficiency and put the energy of natural resources at your disposal in the most efficient way.